Providing dumping services, whether your project is large or small. We take it all.


The Yard is a IDEM permitted 31 acre solid/clean fill dump site that is located in Charlestown, IN (Old Motor Speedway), 

just minutes from the east end bridge in Louisville.

We can accept uncontaminated soil, rock, dirt, sand, gravel, concrete, asphalt millings, cinder blocks & bricks.

  • The concrete should contain minimal amounts of wire mesh and/or rebar.

  • The cinder blocks and/or bricks should not be painted.

  • We can also accept vac trucks that need to offload sludge/water (not sewage).

* Pricing available by the load or for large-scale projects.

Our site is far more cost effective than hauling this debris to the landfill or double handling on another site.

Retail and Wholesale, by the scoop, tri-axle, or by yards on projects. Dirt, rock, asphalt millings, etc.